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Long dresses

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In everyday life, at a party or even on the beach they are a hit

There is hardly a woman who does not keep in her wardrobe at least one of them and not hide memories of magical moments in the romantic clothes.

Usually in this group are included lengths from the knees to the ankles, even creeping along the ground. They lengthen optically the silhouette and give to it finesse and glamour. According to the vision and style, their functions and use can be very different.

They are the most often associated with formal occasions, balls and weddings, but there is nothing more comfortable than the soft, ankles caressing clothes in the hours for recreation and hobbies. Not to mention the cool cotton skirts fluttering along the beach.

Beautiful and stringent, frivolously colorful and carefree, of lace and chiffon or comfortable tricot and knitting, from not so ironed linen or cotton, with slits, ruffles, cords, tucks and box pleats, gauffers and fringes, prints and color combinations – with incredible abundance of models, styles, shapes and visions, this ladies’ clothing is among the most beloved and worn.

Types of long dresses

Perhaps the most widely used classification is according to their purpose. From this perspective, they are defined as:

  • formal,
  • evening,
  • ball,
  • elegant,
  • casual,
  • sports and
  • beach.

Of course, we distinguish summer and winter, woolen and silk, cotton dresses and so on. According to the general impression created, you will hear talking about “princess”, “office style” etc.

Many of the models can be easily referred to more than one group. So, when you complete your wardrobe, choose carefully – a high quality and stylish long toilette may be useful for you on several occasions. It is sufficient to provide suitable accessories to it – for diversifying.

Why you should choose from the online shop of Caramella Fashion?

We develop our models based on global fashion trends conforming them to the tastes, preferences and habits of the Bulgarian women. We put our professional skills and experience gained to create toilettes that will make you confident, admired and desired.

Moreover, we know how to embody our ideas into precise cuts implemented with quality fabrics and skillful sewing.

As for prices, they are direct – from the manufacturer – and therefore they are very attractive for the products offered to you. With your first purchase you will be included in our bonus program that will reduce the price of your next choice with a minimum of 10%.

Do not hesitate, order now the dress you desire and you will soon wear it!

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