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Casual dresses

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How will you know them?

Generally – in your sense. The good lady’s dress has

  • perfect line,
  • balanced details,
  • excellent craftsmanship,
  • suitable fabric.

Some of them are classified as casual to distinguish them from the official ones intended for specific situation, occasion and atmosphere. From then on, the initiative is in the hands of women.

If you are among the women who cannot even take out the trash without makeup, your idea for this type of clothing will differ significantly from that of the girl for whom everyday life, sport and fun overlap, and convenience and easy maintenance are determinative when selecting.

For others the elegance comes first – they first evaluate the style and vision, and then they think when and where they will wear the toilette.

Be beautiful every day

The dress most easily and quickly meet your daily morning question “what to wear?” It is self-sufficient – you do not need to think over how to complete it. However, it tolerates if necessary blazer, cardigan or heavier coat. At the same time, it tends to change – it is enough to put a scarf, jewelry or different shoes and bag and it is already different. Two or three models in your wardrobe are sufficient for you to look stylish and beautiful to demonstrate class and good taste.

Regardless of whether you are firmly for the elegance and sophistication or you prefer simple unassuming cut against maximum comfort and functionality – this is the most favorite clothing among the ladies. It is filled with femininity. It reveals the character and nature of its owner. It provides an opportunity to highlight the most attractive features in each figure and respectively – to hide the disadvantages.

Why you should choose from the online shop of Caramella?

As you already know, we manufacture by ourselves the offered clothing. From the constant communication with our clients we know their tastes and preferences. We know from our experience that even one and the same dress, worn by two women, looks different. Therefore, the range of models suitable for everyday life, we are developing, is very rich.

We do not allow any compromise – not with the vision and the cut or with fabric and workmanship. Often we learn with pleasure that you feel perfectly at parties, lunches, cocktail parties and other festive occasions with our toilette bought from our section for casual clothing.

The convenient and sports models providing incredible comfort and freedom of movement also have their fans.

The prices are completely affordable for every budget. We have a good bonus program that makes shopping with us even more profitable.

Order now! Give yourself a beautiful toilette for more self-esteem!

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