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Short dresses

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Ideal for the undersized ladies

There are women with perfect proportions. But they lack height. In the summer, they are irresistible minions. In the winter, lost in the many layers of thick clothes, they are shapeless, unjustly neglected and invisible.

If you also fall into this category, use every moment to show your fine, sexy body. The short dress is your clothing! Especially the dress with clean shapes.

It emphasizes your beautiful curves.

It reveals perfectly your shaped legs.

It presents you as fragile and defenseless.

It awakens the desire of men to protect and defend you.

Whether it is mini-skirt or around the knees, this type of clothing seems to be invented for the smaller ladies. Even if there is additional volume at the top or in the lower part, it is important that the waist is accented, that the proportions are visible and that the legs remain exposed.

Easily combinable even in winter

Unfortunately, you should wear outerwear almost during the half of the year. It is like to wrap a porcelain statuette in rough paper and to expect it to be noticed. On the other hand, be ready for the moments in which you will undress it.

These toilettes combine easily with blazers and cardigans, sweaters, raincoats, capes, jackets and coats. If you try to organize your wardrobe around their silhouette, you will only win.

Designers love the challenge of the shortened proportions. The short dress is a topic with many manifestations. It can have a sporty or sporty & elegant look, coquettish and naive or provocatively sexy. And when it reincarnates in an official toilette, it is usually impeccable.

Why you should choose the online shop of Caramella Fashion?

It is most easily to sew clothes for the standard sizes. These clothes fit to a part of the women. But we know that very few women can praise with standard measures. Therefore, our designers are trying to develop models for all major types of figures.

The clearer is the cut; the greater precision requires the workmanship. The fewer the decorations are, the higher are the requirements to the fabric. Our team counts each condition for creating beautiful, functional and stylish clothes.

We offer you original products with high general quality and producer price. They are fully accessible and during all the years when we have been in the market, we have regular clients who already shop from us for their daughters.

If you will choose something for yourself for the first time, please pay attention to the stimulating bonus program according to which every purchase significantly cheapens the next one.

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