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Women Tops

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What are they suitable for

When it comes to women’s tops, people picture a plain cut, sport cloth made of tricot, worn mainly in the summer in the leisure time.

Take a look at the fashionable pieces from the past seasons and you will surely admit that this is a generally outdated concept. Tops have long been elegant, beautiful, with an expressive femininity and character.

It is practically suitable for every occasion. It can be sporty or elegant depending on the fabric, the design, and the decoration. You can wear it to an exquisite restaurant or to a dinner. When embroidered with lace or chiffon, it resembles a peplum or if it has a luscious jabot, ruffles and frills, you can confidently wear it even to the most formal celebration.

Backless and sleeveless, made of fine fabrics, with off-beat or classic cuts, the women’s top add an incomparable exquisiteness, glamor and sex appeal to your style.

What are they best combined with

How do you like yourself best – wearing a skirt, trousers, a pinafore or a suit? Simply combine them with one of our models and take a look in the mirror. You like what you see, don’t you?

The top possesses an incredible potential to be combined with various types of clothing and the only requirement for the style is to be matched and balanced. Therefore, the best combination is the one you like to see yourself in, the one which fully reflects your spirit and appeal.

Combine it with jeans – comfortable, practical and versatile. Wear it with a skirt – long, short, skintight or voluminous. The pinafore becomes complete with a small exquisite top. When you put on a jacket – your look is complete, stylish and respectful. With a proper cardigan you will become a beautiful romantic or a playful coquette; it all depends on your taste and mood.

Why to choose Caramella Fashion

Take a look at our designs. They are original, fashionable and of excellent quality. They have been designed entirely by us, developed with lots of love and attention. The designers and tailors embody their experience, skills and creativity in the clothes they create.

Purchase from us and you will receive flawless items – flawless in design and construction, fabric and workmanship.

To all of that, add affordable prices with the option of extra discounts, as we have a well-developed bonus program for loyal customers. You can also rely on a free delivery when a certain value of your order is reached.

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