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Women Skirts

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Why are they preferred by women

The most typical, most popular and most frequently used piece of clothing by women is the skirt.

It is

  • Comfortable and practical;
  • Feminine and seductive;
  • Suitable for every day, as well as for the most formal occasions, it is especially preferred in the office;
  • It is perfectly combinable with almost everything you have in your wardrobe;
  • It allows an incredible diversity in the silhouette, the style and the appearance in general;
  • It’s easily adaptable to the individual features of every woman;
  • Regardless of the fashion influences the skirt is able to preserve its traditional traits.

Current trends and preferred fabrics in women’s skirts

The current highlight in fashion trends is the change of length. The mini skirt takes second place while the mid length and maxi skirts are becoming trendy again. The nostalgia for the 70’s is clearly visible.

The Boho style makes direct references to the hippy movement and to the never completely forgotten ethno elements; all this achieved through embroidery, prints and typical cuts.

The silhouette remains diverse and the variety of shapes is impressive. In fashion are both skintight items, which highlight every single curve, and voluminous ones with bends, puckers, drapes, cloche, and typical twists.

The interest towards layering is everlasting. It can be achieved either with flounces or with layering sheer and thicker fabrics one on top of the other. The high waist visibly makes the body look slimmer. Plaid and prints, embroidery, tulle and net, cuts and fringes, asymmetries bring variety and character.

Cotton, tricot, soft wool fabrics, velvet, and leather are the favorite types of fabrics. The impressive items often rely on polyester and spandex to provide resistance and sheerness of the clothes’ shape.

What is the advantage of buying from Caramella Fashion

We know that you get annoyed when you see another lady wearing the same piece of clothing as you are. When shopping from us that can hardly happen. Our designs are unique and are created by us. We release them in short series so they stay away from mass confection in terms of vision and quality of the fabric, cut, workmanship. We even offer hand-painted clothing.

We not only follow world wide fashion trends, but also the characteristic features of the height, tastes and outlooks of Bulgarian women.

We offer our products at reasonable prices with a perfectly developed bonus system for loyal customers.

Choose the design you like best and order it online today! We are expecting you.

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