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Women Jumpsuits

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What are the trends in these elegant ladies’ wear

The clothing from your teenage years is confidently participating in fashion shows. During the last few years the designers keep coming up with fun, practical, comfortable and fresh variations of the jumpsuit. But maybe the most surprising part is the stylish, elegant models, which you can confidently wear everywhere, on every occasion.

Chiffon, jersey and georgette, lace, embroidery, tulle, soft woolen fabrics – the most beautiful, ethereal and expressive fabrics are used to prompt mystery and irresistible femininity to the ladies, who chose this type of clothing.

It is a worthy rival to the formal dress. Its look is achieved thanks to drapes, twists, jabot, interesting swirls, crossovers and color combinations.

The legs are designed as the ones of the classical trousers and could be very broad or very jacked up, with a cuff around the ankle or short. The waist is usually high. The upper part resembles a classic blouse or a charming bustier; it relies on straps and interesting sleeves, revealing beautiful backs and shoulders.

What to pay attention to, when buying a jumpsuit

  • One of its most important characteristics is the constructive adequacy. If it is not well designed, you are risking your comfort and it will be a torture to wear.
  • Choose a model with an easily removable upper part and you will not be put in critical situations.
  • Determine whether the jumpsuit fits your body type. Keep in mind that the jacked up silhouette gives away every imperfection and the larger more voluminous models make you look shorter. The more extravagant ones like the full-bottomed breeches require long and thin legs.
  • Just like when buying any other type of clothing, when buying a jumpsuit it’s very important that you select the right size. If you choose a smaller size, it will not be comfortable to wear and the bigger one will look baggy and funny.

Why trust Caramella Fashion

Because you are going to receive high quality Bulgarian clothing on an affordable price.

The designs are stylish and trendy. The fabrics are carefully selected.

Our team consists of professional designers and constructors. The beautiful appearance of our clothing goes hand to hand with comfort.

Whether you choose an elegant or a formal look or maybe something sexy with a youthful appearance, you can be certain of the quality and durability of our designs.

Make your choice! Discover the advantages of our clothing personally and visit us again!

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