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Women Waistcoats

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Which cuts are trendy

The cardigan is one of the most beloved women’s clothing. It changes every season according to the current fashion trends, but it preserves its femininity and character – soft, flexible, warm and versatile, surprising – just like a true lady.

This autumn the long, voluminous cardigans of dark color range are trendy. Their look is defined by quills, and twists, reminding of the Greek neckline, asymmetric cut and untypical buttoning. The sleeves are straight and long – tight, three-quarter length – loose, some are bat type.

Taken at the waist with a leather belt, its volume is easily transformed and the silhouette is enhanced – as if it becomes a completely different garment.

Some of the trendy models are padded with fleece.

Of course, the short type is always an option.

It is suitable for every combination you can think of. You can wear it with jeans, trousers and leggings. It is perfectly combined with dresses, long or short.

You can always wear a short jacket over the thinner ones. Layering is always a charm!

Which type of yarn is most suitable for the cardigan

Practically every type of fabric is suitable – from silk to the roughest wool, from natural fibers, to the latest generations of synthetics. Still, in order to be trendy, choose a fashionable cardigan made of cashmere or fine wool, cotton is also an option. They give the garment a stylish, elegant and luxurious look. They are nice and warm to the touch, soft and flexible.

In contemporary yarns are a mixture of natural and a small amount of synthetic fibers, which improves their sustainability and durability, giving them resilience. There are models, designed entirely of polyester or including acrylic. Somebody who isn’t a professional in the area could hardly distinguish them from the natural materials. They look perfect, warm and soft to the touch and are easier to maintain.

Why do you spare when buying fromCaramella Fashion

  • Our craftsmen are professionals possessing rich experience and skills. Every design is well thought through and every piece of clothing is made perfectly to the smallest detail.
  • The precise constructive decisions, quality materials, excellent manufacturing make our clothing functional and comfortable. They provide you with uncompromising comfort, stylish look and confidence.
  • They are easily combined with practically almost everything you have in your closet. They can be worn for a long time without the colors fading or the shape changing.
  • All of that, combined with the fair prices our store offers, saves you funds and disappointments.

Order a trendy cardigan now and convince yourself personally!

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