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Women Vests & Boleros

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What is the difference between them

Even the ladies who usually prefer more sporty outfits often have at least one small, romantic piece of clothing hidden in their closet.

Boleros are usually knitted.

The simplest ones consist of two sleeves – short, long or reduced to straps with the back part of the bolero going between them. The front part of the most typical ones is round, narrow and does not cover the chest. There are types which cover the waist.

A distinctive trait is that they always stay open – there is distance between the two front parts, they are connected with a tie or with a button – mostly used for decoration.

Boleros for formal occasions are made of lace, luxurious, expensive fabrics or yarns.

They are coquette, romantic and beautiful.

Whether an adornment to your formal outfit or a favorite warm and comfortable piece of clothing, the bolero is irreplaceable.

Even the most romantic women love the warm, practical vests. This is just another category. Vests are mostly sporty or casual, bold or extravagant. The most distinctive feature of a vest is that it is sleeveless. It is meant to keep you warm, to bring variety and to be the finishing touch of your outfit.

Vests are usually hip length, but they could be longer or shorter.

What do we offer in our online store

We offer modern and elegant ladies’ vests and boleros that differ in length and appearance. We offer:

  • lightweight cotton summer vests
  • feminine cashmere vests,
  • warm, made of polyester or leatherette

Why to buy from Caramella Fashion

We produce ourselves the clothes that you can find in our online store. Our designers follow the worldwide fashion trend, but they are also aware of what women like. We personally choose and import the fabrics necessary for each collection, which allows us to offer lower prices.

During the years our team gathered a lot of experience and knowledge. We came to know the secrets of the art of converting ideas into functional, stylish clothing with excellent product quality.

Our clothes look good not only on mannequins, but on any real female figure, as they highlight the beauty of a woman’s body, while hiding some minor imperfections.

Choose the vest you like the most and order it now at a great price!

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