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Women Tunics

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What kinds does our store offer

Our designers are aware that tunics are especially preferred. Therefore they offer you fashionable clothing, which you can wear on different occasions and always look good in.

Some resemble a dress, others a shirt, cardigan or a pinafore dress. And there are the classical ones, the ones that have preserved the typical look in which you recognize the exquisite elegance with millennial history.

We use chiffon, silk, lace, tricot, cashmere, cotton, effective synthetic materials, leather.

With our designs you can remodel your silhouette and look good any time.

What kinds of tunics are trendy

The tunic is one of the few women’s clothes, which is able to bend the rules. In latest fashion shows it is worn freely, without any restrictions, with the basic requirement to be in harmony with the general style of the ensemble it was included in.

From sheer chiffon with prints and vivid colors, to warm and flexible cashmere, from richly draped and with frills decorated, to clean and simple designs, from the futuristic design, to the classical concept, length above and below the knees, in different colors – everything is allowed.

This explains the importance of the place, which this part of modern clothing takes in the female wardrobe. The tunic can be included in various combinations. It is the perfect answer to the question “What should I wear today?” Of course it is perfectly combined with skirts, dresses, leggings, trousers and jeans, from all types and lengths. It could also be combined with vests, boleros, cardigans, jackets and coats.

Why is Caramella Fashion the place with the best offers

Don’t think that “affordable” and “cheap” are the same things. You have probably bought something cheap, that wasn’t well designed, the fabric lost its shape quickly, the stitches tore, the bands loosened, the buttons fell and it didn’t even last through the entire season. Let’s not even mention the feeling of being deceived.

Our clothing is not cheap. We use quality materials, we manufacture them precisely and consciously to the last detail.

Buying them it worth it because for the price you pay you receive

  • Functional, quality clothing, which you will wear for a long time;
  • Designed according to the latest fashion trends;
  • Originality;
  • Spotless design;
  • Spirit and confidence.

The prices are not high and are made affordable.

Choose a tunic from our online store and order it today!

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