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Girl's clothing

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Why it is important that kids clothing are made of quality materials

Children live in a world full of chemistry, fast food, carbonated drinks, high-tech devices with electromagnetic radiation and any kinds of temptations. Allergies are common and persistent, and difficult to treat.

We manufacture garments for them. We use only high quality materials – with priority of natural origin. We choose these materials to be hypoallergenic, breathable and soft. We pay special attention to the fibers processing and the means used for it, of the paints and their composition such as durability and harmlessness.

The products that we create are not only fashionable, beautiful and comfortable, but also safe. Moreover, they facilitate heat exchange between the body and the environment, absorb sweat and moisture, and do not allow brew and overheating.

Of course, we choose fabrics that will withstand the constant stresses, they are flexible and durable, they keep their good appearance and are easy to maintain.

In short, our products should be the best you can wish for your children.

What types of kids clothing does our online shop offer

In practice, everything necessary for younger and more grown-up girls: from sports and casual wear to models for ceremonial and formal occasions; from airy summer clothes to warm coats and jackets.

We know how neat young ladies are. That is why we put in our work fantasy, love and experience. We offer to your attention:

  • Blouses and tunics which will quickly become the favorite ones of your daughters.
  • Dresses and skirts that make them feel special.
  • Jeans and trousers for stormy adventures and days overflowing with energy.
  • Elegant sets, as well as sports sets providing comfort and a charming look.
  • Jackets, raincoats and overcoats for the cooler days.
  • Jumpsuits, pinafore dresses, vests and boleros, cardigans, tights, sweatshirts and so on.

Why should you choose kids clothes made by Caramella Fashion

Because we care what your girls wear. Because in the long years that we produce garments for them we found what is the important, we learned that these are not just repeatedly reduced cuts of the modern mom’s models.

Our designers built into each model maximum functionality and constructive approach providing complete freedom of movement.

We offer original Bulgarian products at a very good price. With the very first purchase you receive bonus points that will significantly cheapen your next order.

Order a gift for your little princess now!

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