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Girls Jackets

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Which types of them are fashionable at the moment

The fashion for kids is always a few steps more functional than that of adults. The leading principle in children’s clothing is the requirements for comfort, as well as warmth in winter clothes.

This specificity also governs the trends in children’s jackets for girls. They are made of wind resistant and moisture resistant, well-padded fabrics. Designers pay particular attention to the wind-breaker with decorative stitching, in rich colors. Immediately after this follow the soft plush fabrics that wrap the body tightly and do not leave any chance to the cold.

Classical are short, just below the waist models with belts in their lower part. The length around the hips does not olden, too. For the coldest days are intended the long clothes of wind-breaker fabric and the insulated sets - for the smaller and for the sport lovers. These skirts, of course, are for the neat girls.

Distinguishing elements are the big collars, which besides heating look very good. Belts emphasize the silhouette.

What types does the shop offer

Our collection of jackets for girls includes carefully selected models. It is developed with much attention and love, and this is reflected in the wonderful vision that clothes give to the young ladies. Not to mention the excellent protection from the cold and moisture.

Sleeveless – vest type, and with sleeves, longer and shorter, separate and as a part of sets – all of them are stylish, they radiate sporty spirit and vitality, provide flexibility and do not disturb the movements.

We follow the global trends, especially for the girls’ clothes, but we refract them through our rich experience and good knowledge of the target group.

Why choosing Caramella Fashion

Because we shall not mislead you! Neither with the fabrics and materials used, nor with the precise craftsmanship.

Kids clothing have much more demands to their creators than those for adults. They are subjected to more extreme conditions of wear and more frequent washing. Their beauty must be an integral part of their functionality and comfort. Last but not least are the educational problems solved with them and that is why banality and kitsch should be kept away.

We think that we cope with this great. So say the customers who have purchased from our online shop for years.

Now is the most convenient time to provide warm clothes for your little girl at good prices.

Order now and the clothes will reach you in next working day!

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