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Girls trench coats

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    Shirt Demona

    Asymmetric black shirt- Cotton and fine knit fabric- Long sleeves- Front button closure- Draped tuck skirt Washing instructions: Delicate Program recommended Composition: 100% cotton

    69 лв
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Good solution for the transitional seasons

During some periods of spring and autumn the weather is neither warm nor cold. It is really difficult to choose well what to wear – not just for yourself but for the children. This clothing is created exactly for these days.

It is wonderful – it protects from wind and rain without reheating. It is made of light fabrics, it is convenient to wear, and it does not weigh and is never boring. This is beautiful and stylish; this is always a sign of elegance and chic. Your little coquette – your daughter – loved her from the first time she saw it. Its sporty spirit perfectly fits her nature. And if you leave her to choose, she will try to wear it not only during the transitional seasons, but every time she wants.

Combination with everything in your wardrobe

Another distinctive feature is its high democratism. It combines perfectly with any type of garment and with every piece of clothing.

It seems that jeans and trousers are designed to be seen under raincoat. Short and long skirts, dresses, pinafore dresses nestle quietly underneath, waiting the little lady to unbutton it, so that everyone can admire them. Thinner and thicker blouses, shirts, tunics, jackets, cardigans and coats – all you have in your wardrobe – it seems perfectly in a set with it.

And if the little girl has experimental spirit, a broader vest will look great on it.

Easy and amusing

Made from cotton or polyester, it is easy to maintain. The slight crease is wonderfully integrated in its casual elegance. Whether it is retracted or freely unbuttoned – it is never boring. Especially for the girls.

When the wind strikes up its skirts, they turn into wings. When you tighten the belt around the waist, it makes her an important lady watched with admiration. She may even be an undercover spy, if the model has lapels, she can snuggle and hide in them.

Why should you shop from the online shop of Caramella Fashion?

At least for four reasons:

  • The models you see here are original – we have developed them by ourselves from the idea through implementation to the finished product.
  • The fabrics are the most appropriate for the cuts and workmanship has a high quality, professional performance and we guarantee this.
  • Prices are minimized; no mark-ups and commissions are included in them.
  • Our bonus system provides a minimum of ten percent discount voucher and you can use it on your next purchase.

Order children’s raincoat for your little girl now and you will very soon rejoice her with clothing that she has dreamt of for a long time.

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