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Girls skirts

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What kinds of skirts does the shop offer

We assume the production of models for girls as a real challenge.

We know they are real neat girls and that it is important for them to look good. At the same time, they are ready to run after a sudden challenge forgetting that they must keep their new clothes.

Therefore, when we create children’s skirts, we never forget that the leading factor must be functionality. Whether you look for a short or long skirt, daily or festive, you can be sure it will be convenient and comfortable to wear.

We offer to your attention models in the key lengths: short, around the knee, and long. We rely on canons, quillings, flounces, sewn pieces, and garnishes – everything that can diversify the vision, and make it expressive and interesting. As regards the skirts of crystalline tulle, they turn the little girl into a princess.

Which materials are best suited for their manufacturing

When we talk about clothing for children, the most acceptable are the “breathable” fabrics – those that allow free air exchange and not retain the moisture close to your body. These are the natural fibers and some of the high-tech synthetic fibers.

We select the textiles depending on the model – softer, falling heavily or more baked, retaining the shape attributed to them. Most often, we use cotton and polyester fabrics – thinner or thicker – even padded and quilted for the winter.

We prefer those that have good dyeing properties to so that our products keep their color and impressive prints unchanged throughout the whole period of wear.

Why the skirts must be purchased by Caramella Fashion

Because the children’s clothes we make are an epitome of our understanding of beauty, comfort and convenience.

We are striving to be maximally adequate to fashion trends in clothing for girls. At the same time, we do not forget for a single moment the need to ensure constructively the high standards of functionality and practicality. The excellence in design and cutting is complemented by the high craftsmanship of our tailors.

We know that children quickly “outgrow” their clothes. We take it when we form the prices.

So, buying from us, you get a guaranteed quality combined with wonderful proportion to the price.

If you are one of our regular customers, you already know how to take advantage of the bonus system.

Leave your daughter to choose her favorite clothes and order it now!

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