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Girls boleros

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    Bolero Vest Alissa

    Black sleeveless ruffle bolero vest- Chiffon and fine knitting - Back cut Washing instructions: Delicate Program recommended Composition: 95% knit cashmere, 5% acryl

    69 лв
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Excellent for the transitional seasons

Sometimes it is very hard for you to weigh up how to dress your child. With the thin jacket she will be cold, with the padded jacket – overheated. Then comes to the aid the small multi-purpose clothing that protects the back and chest, it fits almost everything and your daughter likes it so much.

You put it under her jacket in the morning and you are calm that after getting warmed she will have something to undress. It is sufficient to maintain a few models of varying thickness and you can always count on them.

Even if it was just that – you would still think this clothing for perfect. But it is also pretty, easy to combine and every time your beloved child looks in it differently.

Satisfaction both for the mothers and daughters – comfortable and warm.

Children’s clothes should be beautiful. This brings your girl self confidence and it teaches her to be stylish. But mostly they should be functional, comfortable, warm in winter and airy in summer.

Bolero is exactly what you want so that your child feels comfortable:

  • it is easy to dress and undress it;
  • it warms the back and chest;
  • it can be combined with everything;
  • it is easily maintained. Moreover, the bolero is usually manufactured of fabrics which do not wrinkle, difficultly catch stains and wash well.

And it complies with the desires of your little treasure:

  • to be comfortable when dress and undress;
  • not to have buttons, zippers, laces;
  • to give wide opportunity for fantasizing – to turn her into a princess or in fairy, in a gusty rider or a “thing-finder”.

This is one of the few cases where you both are of the same opinion.

Perfect addition to the toilette

The bolero enlivens, individualizes and enriches the various ensembles. Even the most boring trousers and blouses change when the little lady puts a bolero on them. Depending on the case and selected parts of the clothing you also choose it – romantic, elegant, sporty & elegant, ethereal or tight, with many decorative elements or simple, of fine chiffon or of rough knitting.

It is difficult to enumerate the possibilities. This is more important that you can always count on it, without worrying that the choice may be wrong or misleading.

What is our advantage?

We do not resell external goods. Everything in the online shop of Caramella Fashion is our own work. There are creative designers in our team, skillfully translating the haute couture to the everyday language. Professional cutting of the most appropriate materials saves resources and in this manner we achieve a price that suits you. Skillful tailors turn the pieces of fabric into beautiful, functional clothing that worth every cent.

You gain quality and originality that you have always wished – for yourself and for your little daughter.

Just order now! The delivery will be fast.

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