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Women's Clothing

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What kind of materials Caramella Fashion uses for its clothes

The beauty and functionality of a certain piece of clothing depend on the quality of the fabric. That is why Caramella Fashion’s designers consider the selection of the fabrics as an essential part of the manufacturing.

First place take natural materials – cotton, linen, wool, cashmere, etc. They are gentle on the skin and don’t cause allergies, they keep you warm during the winter, allow the body to breathe and are environmentally friendly. They give a touch of softness, warmth and emphasize femininity.

Artificial fabrics such as polyester, acrylic, polyamide, used alone or combined in different proportions with the natural ones make the fabrics more resistant and solid, flexible and easier to iron. They are excellent for dyeing, as the colors don’t bleach or fade away easily and contribute to a modern and extravagant look.

Why is the quality production important

Not only the fabric, but also the production of the item is very important. Everything from the clothes’ shape, the proportions of the different sizes to the precise cutting and sewing is important.

We guarantee that the new item, purchased from us, will not be too tight, constraining your movements or tangle around your body, nor will it be too loose, and the decorative stitching will not be crooked, nor will the knobs fall out at the first buttoning.

The quality manufacturing guarantees the beauty and functionality of our every single item, as well as pleasure while wearing it.

Why to choose the clothes of Caramella Fashion

  • We offer you fashionable women’s clothing with a unique vision. The clothes created by our team are the result of our understanding of beauty, originality and style.
  • The high quality fabrics provide style, hygiene and durability. Combined with uncompromising fabrication, they make our clothing comfortable, warm during the winter and pleasant during the summer.
  • In our online store you can buy quickly and easily. There are no intermediaries and the prices are more than good for the quality offered. We are a Bulgarian manufacturer and we offer you unique Bulgarian products.

You can browse through the women’s clothes collection offered by our online store, while comfortably sitting in front of your computer. You will feel the passion our clothes have been created with and our desire to help you emphasize your features and hide small imperfections. You will discover items which highlight and develop your style.

Order now and they will be yours in 24 hours!

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