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Women Blouses

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How to find your way around in our online store

The variety of blouses in your wardrobe most probably overtakes the one of dresses. Starting from the classic office shirt, your choice seems unlimited – from small delicate tops and fuzzy sweaters, through a wide variety of chiffon drapes and ruffles to the simple tight t-shirts. All in the end is kind of a blouse.

To make it easier for you to find your perfect fit in the online Caramella Fashion store, we have placed filters to your left, which are the basic criteria for your selection.

  • First define your size.
  • Then specify the preferred fabric. We offer blouses made of cotton, polyester, and chiffon. If the fabric is of no importance to you, just leave the space blank.
  • Choosing a style might be difficult. Casual or formal, or a combination of the two? Browse through all of our items. They are fashionable, feminine – with asymmetries, combinations of fabrics, frills, ruffles, clean silhouette, without buttons, with buttons on the back etc.
  • The season is clear. Unless you wear a top even underneath your thick coat.
  • The color palette is diverse – mark according to your preferences.
  • You can also determine the specific look in advance.
  • Sleeves are an important detail – why would you look at an item with straps, when you need long sleeves?

You can also choose the shoulder shape.

Which blouses are suitable for a formal occasion

Whatever you read or hear, it’s important to trust your instincts and be truthful to your own style. The Christmas party could be a formal cocktail with a fixed dress code or a mask ball, giving freedom to your imagination.

Therefore, you should be certain what type of event you are attending. Have a look in your wardrobe and if you find nothing suitable then browse through our online clothes store.

A perfect black lace peplum top can’t let you down. You can go for classic neckwear variations or for simpler ones.

Why you should turn your purchase from our online store into a long term partnership

We offer you quality Bulgarian clothes – made with love, creativity and desire for shared beauty. Our team stands behind each and every piece of clothing we offer. We are ready to hear what you think about our work, what you like and what you don’t like. In this way, next time when you visit our website, you will find a wider selection of even more impressive clothes.

We have a program for loyal customers, which works in favor of your budget from your very first purchase. Use it! It will make the prices of our products even more attractive for your future purchases.

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