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Women Bustier

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What can you combine them with

There is probably no other piece of clothing that is sexier, more elegant, and more tempting than the bustier! It makes the ladies graceful and delicate, and at the same time - helpless and seductive.

The playful women’s corset and its never-ending varieties are always trendy. Of course, there is a reason behind. The bustiers are easily combined with skirts, trousers, jeans and leggings, suits, sets, pinafore dresses, boleros and cardigans, shirts and sweaters – with everything you can think of.

We are not only referring to the filigreed exquisite models, but to all kinds of bustiers– sporty, casual, off-beat, classic, elegant and grunge that can be combined with trousers, shorts, etc.

Every woman wants to be seen in a bustier at least once. It’s a matter of courage, self-esteem and imagination.

What kinds of fabrics they are usually made of

The ones which can turn every girl into a princess are made of velvet, glitter, leather, silk, any expensive fabric imaginable.

To be precise, you are more likely thinking of:

  • playful and unpretentious denim suitable for every day,
  • soft tricot suitable for gymnastics, exercise and dancing,
  • high quality fine cotton suitable for wearing under your jacket in the office or simply in the afternoon,
  • fancy polyester fabrics to make a fascinating impression at a party.

Apart from the fabric, the decoration is also very important – beads, sequins, lace, embroidery, buttons, trimmings, belts and girdles.

They could be short – covering only the chest, up to the waist or lower – widening and turning into a stylish peplum. When it comes to the shape, everything is allowed – from countless cuts modeling the perfect silhouette to typical folds and ruffles.

Why to buy it from Caramella Fashion

Because everything you see in our online store is designed with thought and excitement just for you – our customer. It is important to us that you like our items, you want to wear them, you are able to recognize them and able to distinguish us from all of the other brands.

We are a team of professionals who create every piece of clothing ourselves - from the idea to the last stitch and button. Therefore, we guarantee the quality of what you purchase – stylish items, quality fabrics, responsible manufacturing, pleasure, mood and style.

Moreover, we aim to set reasonable prices and to provide you with bonuses that give you an opportunity to buy clothes from us more often. The delivery is fast and cheap, it could be even for free.

Holidays are coming!

Order a bustier – enhance your femininity and charm!

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