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Women Shirts

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Do you now a woman who doesn’t like them

Do you like this part of women’s wear? Do you know a woman, who has never worn a shirt? You probably don’t. Fashion is fashion, but what you choose to wear often depends on what the women around you are wearing.

The shirt is present in every female wardrobe. Rejected, boring and uniform-like, banned in words, but taking place in every collection, this piece of clothing is unique. It is incorporated in different styles, fashion trends, and visions. It is worn by the prom queen, the successful business woman, the bad biker girl, the tomboy, the innocent romantic one and by their mothers and grandmothers.

With two or three items in different styles you create incredible combinations, you are always stylish and look dazzlingly diverse. Therefore, you love it. And every woman around you loves it. If the shirt suddenly disappears, the female wardrobe will become catastrophically scarce.

Which fabrics are most suitable for the elegant shirts

Cotton, cotton, cotton! Yes, there is silk, linen, wool and polyester and lots of others, but the most loved and used fabric for women’s elegant wear is cotton. It is used for the making of fine and elegant, as well as rough and durable fabrics. Its transformations are diverse and meet the needs of any style.

Cotton is perfect to wear – flexible, soft, warm, breathing, sweat absorbing, allowing repetitive washing, with excellent appearance, long life span etc. When combined with a small amount of polyester, its basic flaw that it is easy to crease disappears. When combined with lycra, it becomes highly elastic.

Poplin, batiste, muslin, opal, chiffon, satin, lace and vail are the fabrics most frequently used for the making of elegant models. They are made, of course, not only of cotton. Their characteristics and quality are defined by the type and number of woven threads.

What do you gain when purchasing a shirt from Caramella Fashion

  • Individuality and a designer look – the products offered in our online store are created by us. The design, the selection of the materials, the sewing and the finishing touches – we do everything ourselves. Our designers skillfully combine the latest fashion trends with the typical Bulgarian sense of beauty and style.
  • Convenience and high comfort while wearing – provided by the excellently selected materials, the high designer skills, the precise cuts and the uncompromising craftsmanship.
  • Quality and perfect stitching, which ensure the shape’s durability, long preservation of the good appearance and respectively a long lifespan.
  • A fashionable piece of clothing at an affordable price.

Give yourself elegance and style!

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