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Girls cardigans

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    Cardigan Freya

    Asymmetric flared lapel wrap cardigan - Long sleeve - One button left shoulder closure - Velour trim Washing instructions: Delicate Program recommended Composition: 100% polyester

    66 лв
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Why do the girls love them so much

Since their infancy, the little girls understand that there are clothes which are worn just to be dressed and to warm you and those which are worn to feel well and beautiful with them. They are:

  • soft, flexible, comfortable;
  • entering into countless combinations, giving finesse or playfulness – depending on the model and situation;
  • never go out of fashion;
  • suitable for any age, figure, and case;
  • and many more countless definitions – all of them suitable for a piece of clothing – the cardigan!

How not to love it with such a character

The infinite variety of cuts, fabrics, colors, textures, decorations enables the uncompromising selection of the best for your little daughter.

You have dressed her since baby age and you have always had at hand a suitable children’s cardigan. You think it is a mandatory part of the clothing for every woman – irrespective of the age. You use it also to develop in her inclination and sense to the appropriate combination and selection of ensembles.

You both love the cardigans!

Which are the most preferred fabrics and models for children

Of course – the breathable, soft and warm textiles are preferable. It is good that they have hypoallergenic properties and are easy to maintain.

It is important that they are adequately selected according to the seasonal function of the children’s cardigans. Even the warmest ones should not brew, and in summer the silk and linen will provide coolness and chic for the little lady.

Whether they are knitted or sewn of tricot is not essential. It is important that they have good elasticity, provide convenience and freedom. When choosing them, take into account mostly the age, height and character of the child. For active, impish girls, do not buy sophisticated and extended clothes with many decorative elements that will only hinder them. Sports and simple cuts are more suitable for them. For more dovelike and romantic girls you can choose more rich cuts, with milder colors.

Why will you find the best deals in Caramella Fashion

In the online shop you will find the best clothes made under the original designs developed by us. They are performed by perfect masters, fluent in subtleties in the craft, having the best quality materials.

We constantly monitor the developments of the world’s fashion shows, but at the same time we take into account all the needs and preferences of our customers. This gives the garments that we offer you topicality and adequacy, practicality, functionality and high level of comfort, stylish appearance and individuality.

Because we know well the market, we calculate the prices reasonably and with the ambition that our products are maximum affordable. Our bonus system has long ago been approved and well used by our consumers.

So, do not hesitate! Order now and get express delivery worldwide!

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