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Girls shirts

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    Shirt Demona

    Asymmetric black shirt- Cotton and fine knit fabric- Long sleeves- Front button closure- Draped tuck skirt Washing instructions: Delicate Program recommended Composition: 100% cotton

    69 лв
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    Shirt Karolina

    White asymmetric wide puff sleeves shirt - Long sleeves- Tuck back- Front button closure Washing instructions: Delicate Program recommended Composition: 100% cotton

    42 лв
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To make your girl elegant

Probably you also have photos from your childhood where you look funny and not quite appropriately dressed. And every time you see them, you vow that your daughter would not have such pictures.

You want only the best for her and you try to teach her since her infancy in elegance and style. You carefully select colors and patterns, fabrics and textures. You every time explain her which are the suitable and unsuitable combinations. You buy her clothes manufactured with taste and imagination. And now you already notice how she waves her shirts to find the best for her jeans.

Elegance should be cultivated. It is not just the pursuit of modern, it is the way fashion is refracted in you and shines with your brilliance. And it depends only on you whether you will be elegant or ridiculous. It depends on how you have been taught.

Beauty and comfort in daily life

There is no a mother who anxiously not to view the clothes for girls and not to imagine her daughter – dressed and dolled – like a princess, like a little lady, like an exuberant and joyful scorcher.

Shirts for girls are unique – they can combine with everything, they give beauty and charm of the ensemble and are extremely comfortable. Even your girl is trying to look grown up, she suddenly rolls up her sleeves and runs after the dog, and the clothing seems to be made just for this. And if she does not get dirty by letting loose the sleeves and sit with innocent eyes next to you, she is a real miss – beautiful and fine.

What to combine them with?

The other great dignity of children’s shirts is their ability to combine with everything. With one and the same model your little sun looks differently depending on whether she is with jeans or a pinafore. With belt on the tights – you can see a little coquette, over the skirt – she looks like mom.

Shirts combine well with pullovers and cardigans, jackets and vests, boleros and capes. Below them you can see an interesting T-shirt or top.

They can be short to the waist or look like an overcoat. Whatever the model is - it is important that it suits your daughter and that she likes it.

Why you should choose us?

  • Because we work with love and wish for a long partnership with you.
  • The clothing we offer you is made as per our own designs.
  • We realize them with the most appropriate fabrics – for both the clothing and the child’s skin.
  • They are well sized and perfectly tailored, that is why they perfectly fit the girls.
  • Our craftsmen elaborate everything – to the last button.

If you have already shopped for yourself from the online shop of Caramella Fashion, you know that our prices are affordable and the bonus system is more than encouraging.

If not – order the girl’s shirt now and convince yourself!

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