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Girls vests

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Why do the girls love them

Fairy tale heroes, personages from rated animations, cowboys and what not characters have specific costumes and often a part of it is this characteristic, comfortable clothing – of leather or silk, with embroidery and abundant decorations, made to warm or to prank.

Young ladies have an incredible imagination and rich fantasy. It is often enough for them even the smallest impulse to move into dreamed countries and get immersed in desired roles. And the vest gives them this opportunity.

It makes the banal blouse different and complements perfectly the tight or the skirt. The dress becomes unrecognizable, and it is best combined with jeans. It allows you easily to roll up your sleeves, and when you run, it flutters like wings. It warms but it does not weigh and does not tighten. A real garment-dream!

Why do the mothers like them

This is probably one of the rare cases where mothers and daughters are unanimous regarding the clothes! You like the vests because they are super practical.

  • Easy to dress and undress, they allow the child to handle alone.
  • They warm but do not brew, providing intensive air circulation and ventilation of the body.
  • They match with everything available in the wardrobe.
  • They are made of fabrics that are maintained effortlessly and they retain their normal appearance for a long time.

That is why you like this garment. Be it for thin summer models looking like tunics or closer to the thick warm jackets, whether they give formal appearance to the young lady or are in line with her sporting spirit – she is satisfied when she has them on hand. She wears them with pleasure and without protest and therefore you are happy, too.

Why should you trust the online shop of Caramella Fashion

We love what we do. And we create clothes bringing delight to the ladies and to their daughters. We help girls to grow up with good aesthetic taste and clear criteria for style.

We have the commitment to offer original clothes manufactured with high quality and from the most suitable materials. Thus, for the models intended for festive occasions, we use knitted cashmere and chiffon, while for the sports occasions – polyester which is resistant to extreme use.

The prices of our items are the producer’s prices and they are more than good for what you get against them. We also added the relieved shipping rate, and the bonus system is definitely encouraging.

Do not hesitate, order and overjoy your princess now!

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