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Women Coats

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What fabrics are they made of

Women’s winter coats are made of soft or thick, thin or fluffy fabrics which keep you warm. Different wool and cashmere fabrics are traditionally used. In most cases, there is a certain amount of artificial fabrics added to improve their resistance. Different synthetic materials like eco leather and microfiber are right now in fashion.

We, from Caramella fashion, carefully select the fabrics and the additional materials we use for the fabrication of the stylish women’s clothes. Our clothes are of a good quality, they don’t lose their shape or color, when worn and maintained. Our clothes suit the body and we guarantee the functionality of the specific item.

How to maintain your coat in a good shape

Fabrics of wool and cashmere with minimal amount of added artificial fabrics give the coat a luxurious look and provide full comfort. But these materials require special maintenance and care in order to keep their good look for a longer time.

  • After wearing, you should carefully brush your coat in order to remove dust, dirt, hair and moss.
  • If it’s humid, don’t let it dry near a heater.
  • Place it on an appropriate for its size hanger In order to keep its shape.
  • Keep its pockets empty so they don’t lose their shape.
  • The wool and cashmere are to be washed preferably by hand in cold water with gentle agents. They are not to be squeezed, twisted or washed in the washing machine on high mode. Don‘t let them hang on the drying stand. When the coat is well drained, place it on a towel, button it and smooth it gently with your hands.
  • Instead of washing it by hand, it is a better idea to dry-clean your coat a couple of times during the season, especially before you put it away in your closet for the following winter.
  • Keep it wrapped in a plastic bag, with lavender, walnut leaves or another type of moth repellent.

Why to trust Caramella fashion

We are a Bulgarian manufacturer and we dress Bulgarian women.

We design and produce our models with creativity, love and professionalism.

Our team has skills and experience that assure the accuracy and preciseness to the smallest detail.

The combination of swanky materials and interesting constructive details, frills, twists, asymmetries, belts, lapels and collars, give our clothes an individual look. Stylish and beautiful, they wrap your body in a comfortable way, while highlighting your unique look and sex appeal.

Choose your coat from our online store and order it now! You will receive it in a day at a most favorable price that is calculated in accordance the quality.

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