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Official dresses

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What do you need to know when choosing them?

This is a large group of toilettes, united by sophistication, elegance and rigor. They are worn on special occasions marked to a great extent by generally accepted rules and provisionality. When you choose clothes for such an occasion, you should unconditionally comply with a few rules.

Any gaudy, too revealing, and too short dresses are prohibited, in general – any extravagance in the vision.

Dress code of the event – is there a dress code and what is it. If there is a determined dress code, it is compulsory. Otherwise you risk finding yourself like a white crow at an important event, and you want that least. Or simply you will not be allowed to attend it.

The unwritten rules adopted for the type of holiday – for example a wedding. Your clothes should not be white, it is better not to be black and not be as the bridesmaids. At the same time, they should not be vulgarly provocative.

It should be very well selected in accordance with the peculiarities of your figure so as not to look ridiculous.

Fashion trends

Formal dresses are generally conservative – precisely because of the requirement for them to comply with somewhat formal spirit of the official events. However, the prevailing for a given time elements, color accents, variations in lengths and silhouette should be always observed.

Currently, their main feature is the extreme femininity. Each model emphasizes the finesse of the female figure and the softness of its curves.

In general, the colors are predominantly dark – black, blue, gray, and white. The modern colors are green, yellow, beige, pastel colors and of course – sparkling red!

Lengths also adhere to the norm - long or around the knee. Relatively more rarely - above the knee.

They are worn with bare shoulders and backs, voluminous skirts, cuttings, overlapping, peplums, fringe, combinations of fabrics, colors, prints. At the moment fine, striking fabrics such as silk, chiffon, tulle, jersey and etc. are fashionable.

Why you should trust the online shop of Caramella Fashion?

Because we are professionals who are in love with their work. It is very important for the festive dress to have a perfect cut and high quality of workmanship. This is the determining factor which makes it a dress with class. And we know how to manufacture cuts and to sew perfectly.

The next requirement is to the quality of the textiles. That is why we select and import the fabrics by ourselves, without relying on intermediaries.

We form our prices as economically as possible to make our products accessible to more ladies. If you shop more frequently from us you have already benefited from the substantial discounts which we provide to our regular clients.

You are expecting an important holiday? Order your new toilette now!

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